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Franklin Southeastern Wisconsin, by expansive, crystal blue Lake Michigan Small city but not too small Crisp air, rustic coated fall Long, dreary, sometimes picturesque winters Earthy, hopeful blooming foliage of spring Warm, relaxing, bonfire-smoke summers Routine monotonous life Not many places to go, but enough to see Seeing a familiar face wherever you go Comforting... Continue Reading →

B Babies Babies are kind of scary. They are like, blank humans. That's weird, right? They can't communicate or do anything, really. They are pretty cute though.   Bees We really should do more to save them. I’ve always loved bees. My uncle raises them, he has a whole colony living in his barn. They... Continue Reading →

C Caramel (KARRah-mulh) People who pronounce the word caramel as KEHR-ah-meh should not be on the face of this Earth. There’s only one way to pronounce it, and that’s KARRah-mulh.   Carrots Why are carrots more orange than an orange?   Cash Don’t ever by me a present! I’ll just take cash.   Catherine Hepworth’s... Continue Reading →

Chance Freedom-- Opportunity-- Hope-- Determination--   I have a goal. Maybe I can make it. In life. I know I have responsibilities. I just have to follow through.   Falling slowly. But I bounce back up.   Opportunity is nothing, without action.   Fate I walk through this ‘life’. It seems not to end. But... Continue Reading →

A Anxiety- Feeling of overwhelming fear. Shaking uncontrollably. Generally irrational. Caused by the littlest, most harmless things in life. Has the power to sway my decisions and control my behaviors to an overwhelming degree. Total pain to deal with. The one burden in my life that I wish to rid myself of.   C Cube,... Continue Reading →

It was me

It was me and you You left me I didn’t leave you You didn’t leave me alone I didn’t leave you alone You left me lonely I didn’t leave you lonely You loved me I didn’t love you You weren’t in love with me I wasn’t in love with you You loved the idea of... Continue Reading →

Encyclopedia Tymoteusza

B Bobcat When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I was sitting on a bobcat similar to the one pictured above. Somehow, I happened to fall off backwards. My life flashed before my life as I was falling head first towards the metal bucket. Somehow, my feet got caught in the small handles... Continue Reading →


Aaron I wish I had a cooler name. There’s other people I know with names that are shortened versions of other names - There’s other people I know with names that make substitute teachers pronounce them horribly - There’s other people I know with names that actually have cool reasoning behind them - And then... Continue Reading →


  E Exhaustion, Stages of Normal: A little shy. Quiet. Collected. Tired: Calm. Rest eyes. Complain. Slightly Grumpy. Over-tired: Hyper. Running. Jumping. Bouncing. Giggling. Silly. Wacked. Crash: Sleep. I Ice Cream  I scream! You scream! We all scream, For ICE CREAM! M Monkey Did you know monkeys eat their own poop. Yummy, right? Monkeys were... Continue Reading →

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